News and Events

News and Events

Headway Rotherham offers a wide range of social events for survivors of brain injury, their families and carers in the Rotherham Area.

To see what is happening please download and check out our newsletter via the link below.

Newsletter – July 2024

Upcoming Events

In this section you can find details of future events at Headway Rotherham.

You can also keep up-to-date with everything happening with Headway Rotherham via the links below:



We also have a Google Calendar which is updated on a frequent basis. You can find a copy of this below and you can also integrate this into your own calendar system.

Past Events

Take a look at our gallery featured some of our previous events


An online community for people with a brain injury, their family and carers

The Headway HealthUnlocked page, which is integrated with the NHS Choices website, complements our existing social media sites; while Facebook and Twitter are generally considered social communities where people can quickly and easily share and digest latest news and information, the new Headway HealthUnlocked community provides an opportunity for people affected by brain injury to share in-depth thoughts and feelings with others similarly affected in a safe, controlled environment.

Community members can blog about their feelings on any issue associated with brain injury, in addition to asking questions that other members – or Headway staff – can answer.

On the Headway HealthUnlocked community, members can:

Discuss: In the discussion forum, you can post a new question, reply to someone else's question query or just read through the forum to find information that may help you

Share: Use the community's blogging area to share your experiences of brain injury, and support others by commenting on their blogs.
Engage: Help keep the community active by taking part in our polls, reading Headway's blogs and commenting on other posts.
The community is moderated by Headway UK and HealthUnlocked to ensure that the safety of our members is protected and help guide people to our services
where appropriate. It will complement the services provided by our Groups and Branches, our nurse-led helpline service and our national website.

As this is a new scheme, we're looking for community 'pioneers' to register an account, post blogs and questions and comment on other peoples' posts. We would be very grateful if you could let your members know about this, and ask them to get involved. With their help, we can make the Headway HealthUnlocked community an active, lively and welcoming place.

To get involved register at (the verification email can sometimes go to spam folders so check there if it doesn't appear in your inbox).

Then, simply get involved in any way you can!

To write a blog, click on “Write a blog post". A blog is basically your thoughts/feeling/experiences on any given subject of your choosing. It could be your own testimony of living with a brain injury, or perhaps a recent event you did, or simply your thoughts on issues such as welfare reform or support for people affected by brain injury. It's a chance for you to share your thoughts with other people affected by brain injury. To post a question, click on “Ask a question" on the home page. Do help to answer other people's questions with your own experience too.

Vote on our poll and add a comment to it.

You can browse the Headway HealthUnlocked community at

We hope you'll join us in making the Headway HealthUnlocked community something very special!